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   The best candy in the world is not made by the overweight americans, but the Europeans, and mostly Australians(in my opinion). In Europe, there is the UK and Switzerland that makes great confections. Toblerones and chocolate are great there.

I think that some american stuff is reat, such as 3 Musketeers, and Reeces.

Mostly, Australian candy is the best. They have Crunchies, a honeycomb candy covered in chocolate, Cherry Ripe, a mixture of coconut and cherries covered in chocolate, and Caramello Koalas, a caramel filled chocolate koala.

 Overall, Australia has great candy.


   I had applied for a job at the local hardware store at the beginning of my summer break, around mid August. Just about three days ago, i received a call from the owner of the store stating that i had received the job. I was so excited because i wouldn’t have to ask for money from my parents and get negative answers!

   I will be working on weekends only until I turn 16 in March, and i would be able to work a couple days in the week. Not only could i work in the week, but i get my licence in March(after the 16th). Thats not my birthday, but when i got my permit almost a year ago. That means i could drive to my job im march.

   Also, my friend Ben just got a call confirming his job space and we are getting taught the basics of the job around the 20th this month. I already got my work permit from them and i am really excited.


 I was born in the early 90’s(’94), and witnessed that great decade first-hand. All of the great new technology that we thought was groundbreaking but is now old news. All of the games made then are now only able to be made with new graphics and replicated. The greatest boardgames we have now are the ones made in the 90’s. The Gameboy and all of its little games, the SuperNintendo, and Nintendo64 were thriving in that decade, yet now are antiques and fossils, replaced by the newest and coolest videosystem giants. Back then we could wake up early saturday for cartoons, and be happy with the responce. We had great originals like PokeMón and the original Spongebob Squarepants, and other great classics. Now they cartoons we loved are now just remade into newer versions, but i don’t think they are up to par with the amazing classics.

Visit this great video to see if you can call yourself a 90’s baby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCyKTJ8TZgw

I remember all of those times, when iPod’s were Walkman’s, DVD’s were VHS, the remakes were the originals, and when expesive gas was cheap gas.

Yes, I remember those old times with the vintage stuff and it was all good.


I would like to talk about the cars I own in my wildest dreams. They are mostly supercars, and I learned about them on tv shows, like Top Gear(www.bbcamerica.com/topgear/). Its a British car show that reviews all cars, but mostly expensive supercars. My all time favourite car would be the Bugatti Veyron. It has over 1,000 bhp(base horse power) and is the fastest production car ever made. It’s even faster than an F1 car!(In a straight line). Heres a pic.Bugatti Veydon

As you can see, it is also extemelly good-looking.


Another car that i love is the Koenigsegg CCX. It is a Swedish supercar, and has the record for the highest speeding ticket of over 200 mph. It is also very well made. Here is a pic of it.

Koenigsegg CCX


My third favourite car is probably the Aston Martin DB9. It is revered as one of the best cars ever, and is wostly known by the “James Bond Car”. I think it is the best British car ever.

Aston Martin DB9

There are also some really good cars that i like as well, too many so ill just list them: the Mitsubishi Evo 10, the Pagani Zonda, the Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640, the Porsche 911 GT2, the Lotus Elise, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, the Audi R8, the Ferrari Enzo, and the BMW Z4. These are all amazing cars and i would be incredibly lucky to even own one.


Im now going to talk about my many relatives. I have most of my relatives in Australia, but i have some here, in North Carolina. The ones on my dad’s side are in Australia, and my mom’s side is in North Carolina and Tennessee. This creates a problem for reunions, though. My family in America has only met a few of my relatives in Australia, just my grandparents have met my mom’s side in person. Me and my family go to Australia every 3 or 4 summers for a couple of months at a time to catch up with them. It is so long between visits because each roundtrip ticket costs about $3,000 dollars, depending on the currency exchange rate for each person, so we have to save up. My dad sometimes gets to go over there for work because he works in an international corporation. Not only do we have family, we also have a ton of friends in Australia. They are either godparents or just friends, and most of them live in Sydney, because my dad went there for university. Back to family here, i have most of my relatives in Durham and the triangle, but my mom’s sister’s family lives in Tennessee, and visit them every year for Thanksgiving or Christmas, along with all my other relatives here. I’m very excited right now, because my grandmother, aunt and cousin are coming over here for a week on friday! They can do this so easily because a round ticket now is $1,000 each Australian dollars, and that is extremely cheap.

P.S. this is one of those topics i can blab on about forever.


I have had NO prior blogging experience before now. I could only make a stance on it by other people, or just common knowledge. Most of it was just small jokes about it and how its for people who have no life and are very emotional. I figured that was wrong as soon i learned how to actually post a blog. Its more for normal people who want to let out pent up emotion or just their ideals when no one is around. Usually they have a fake name to protect their identity, or like me, with open identity and a grade for these. i would have to say I never would have started this if it wasn’t an assignment for a class. Yet now that i have started, it is kind of addictive, only if i know what to talk about. If it is a subject that feel strongly about, i will write forever about it. At first, this seemed drab and annoying but now its just a way to express your feelings. Now that ive probably dragged on long enough, ill end this.


Hello again,

 Now i would like to share my stance on what should be the new american health care system. I think it should be more like a mixture of Canada’s and Australia’s system, with a great government system, yet people are still able to purchase their own care from independant companies, but the government system would be the norm. I believe that Obama has a great plan for new health care, yet i hope he gets done with it instead of passing it on to another president, such as countless other promising presidents have done before. In doing this, he could save the nation from the poverty greatness. It won’t all subside, but it will make a great stride towards it. If he is successful, there will be less and less horror stories about health care disasters. If it works, it will be very hard to create an updated version of Sicko!


Hello, my name is Jack Walsh and i am a 10th grader in North Carolina and i am starting this blog now for a Mass Communications class. Right now im trying to learn the basic format of wordpress. I am currently sitting in a school library writing this with the librarian standing behind me because i had been caught playing computer games the day before. I am also listen to music so its a little harder to concentrate but i am getting inspiration from The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Mettalica. It is in the beginning of the school year and i have all of my electives this semester. This might sound great, but then you will realize this means i have all of my hard honors classes in the second semester so my work will be piled up a lot.