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December 4, 2009

I have started my job at TrueValue and I LOVE IT!!!! It is a small hardware store, and i have learned all of the basics now and im very comfortable there. TrueValue Hardware is on the list of the 2009 Customer Service Champs (Bloomburg.com). Before, when i started, i was just working as a cashier, […]

Mass Communication

December 4, 2009

   The final class in my normal school day is Mass Communication, taught by the great Mr. Shear. This class is all about understanding the media and interpreting movies. Mostly, during monday through Wednesday we get lectures on various media-related items, and have a test on thursday. Then, on thursday and friday, we watch a […]

Sports Medicine

December 4, 2009

   In 3rd period, i have Sports Medicine I with Mrs. McMurray. I think its okay, but i dont like how i have to go to football, basketball, and soccer games to get hours to practice what we learn in class. We need 18 hours per quarter, and i have done about 24.5 of the […]

Spanish II

December 4, 2009

   I am also taking Spanish II, in 2nd period. It is taught by Mrs. Bridge. This is my least favorite class of this semester. I have been learning Spanish since 3rd grade, but that was pretty much Spanish I streched out for 7 years, so it didnt help that much. I have around a […]


December 4, 2009

   This year i am taking a Photography 101 class. It is taught by Mrs. Cyweck. She is very artsy, and seems to know everything about art and photography. We learn about elements in photography, taking portraits, developing negatives, and more. We even learned how to take a pinhole picture! This used a box that […]

School Subjects

December 4, 2009

  I am a sophomore in high school and my subjects for this semester are really easy. I have all electives this semester. You may think it sounds great, but that also means that i will be slammed with work next semester, with all of my honors classes next semester. Now i have Photography, Spanish II, […]

Bulls Stadium Job

December 1, 2009

   Over the end of last year and the summer i had a volunteer job at the Bulls Athletic stadium. My job there was on the camera crew, taping the games. I would either be cameras 1 through 4 or doing the graphics, the statistics that appear at the bottom and have pitchers or batter’s […]


December 1, 2009

Hello again! It seems as though i have gotten well behing in my blogging, and i will start up again. I have been quite busy with my work schedule, homework, sports, and social activities. I have even started some blogs, and just havn’t finished them and i learned how to put them up if i […]

My Car

October 18, 2009

In our family, we have had a car passed through my sister to my brother and now finally to me, once i get my licence in March. It is a white 1995 Toyota Corolla. It used to be my mom’s car, but she got a new corolla and my dad has the Camry. Since it is […]

Ultimate Frisbee

October 11, 2009

   I am a member of my high school’s Ultimate Frisbee club. It is mostly carefree, but it gets intense around game time. Right now, there are about 16 solid members, and 7 go on the field at one time. This means that if you want to play in the game, you have to excel […]