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   This year i am taking a Photography 101 class. It is taught by Mrs. Cyweck. She is very artsy, and seems to know everything about art and photography. We learn about elements in photography, taking portraits, developing negatives, and more. We even learned how to take a pinhole picture! This used a box that was light tight and covered a hole with thin metal and poked a hole in the metal. We covered that up and when we had the shot ready, took off the cover and left it open for various exposure times.

This is the pinhole picture that i made. I touched it up a little to get rid of the marks, but that is pretty much what i got, and i took it myself.


Picture from <http://pictures.topspeed.com/IMG/crop/200905/mitsubishi-lancer-ev-43_460x0w.jpg&gt;

We also learn how to do cool things on Photoshop, and this is one of them. We took a picture from the internet, and followed a sheet to edit any picture, and i chose this car.

These two pictures were for elements of photography. The one with the trash can is emphasis, because it emphasizes the trash can in the hall, and the rocks on the roof are for texture, and i don’t need to explain that.


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