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Mass Communication

   The final class in my normal school day is Mass Communication, taught by the great Mr. Shear. This class is all about understanding the media and interpreting movies. Mostly, during monday through Wednesday we get lectures on various media-related items, and have a test on thursday. Then, on thursday and friday, we watch a movie. The weekend homework is usually to write a review on the movie, but recently, we have been filling out worksheets based on the movie. The subject of the class is kind of vague, but we learn a lot from Mr. Shear. This is also the class that i am doing these blogs on. So, lets end with this: Mr. Shear is the best teacher ever, and PLEASE GIVE ME A GOOD GRADE!


2 Responses to “Mass Communication”

  1. Since you recognized that I’m an okay guy… on the other hand you said the class was kind of vague… so, Jack are you for me or against me?

    The class may be vague but you’re getting the message… as in “the medium is the message.” 😉

    You’re a good student. Enjoy your new job. You’re on the A-track. Keep blogging.

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