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Bulls Stadium Job

   Over the end of last year and the summer i had a volunteer job at the Bulls Athletic stadium. My job there was on the camera crew, taping the games. I would either be cameras 1 through 4 or doing the graphics, the statistics that appear at the bottom and have pitchers or batter’s names. Most of the time i do that, but i sometimes work cameras , and mostly camera 1, which is at first base. I met a lot of friends there, and at first it was difficult. so im glad i signed up with one of my friends. Sometimes i would goof off during a game, and got in trouble but it was better when i toned it down. It wasnt a paying job, but it took up time in the summer and was just fun. Now with my paying job, i wont be volunteering there as often, but i might still go a couple of times over the summer. It will be good to see the other people after a year of not working.

heres a pic of the stadium.


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