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My Car

In our family, we have had a car passed through my sister to my brother and now finally to me, once i get my licence in March. It is a white 1995 Toyota Corolla. It used to be my mom’s car, but she got a new corolla and my dad has the Camry. Since it is 1 year younger than me, its pretty beat up, but it still runs fine. My siblings wanted to make a name for it, so they called it the Tooth (because its white). The strangest thing about the Tooth is its a/c. It’s from 1995, yet its a/c works better than my parents new cars! Also, the dashboard is loose, so i jammed paper in the space so it doesnt make an annoying noise all the time. I am going to take care of it because my siblings werent as good about that. Whenever i went in it, i saw trash everywhere. My brother has done the most damage, mostly from trying to drift in it and failing. Miserably. Weve gone through a couple of rims due to that.Also, we had a great pioneer radio in it, but one night, when it was parked in front of our house, someone broke into the Tooth and stole the radio. We were radio-less for a while, then we got a new one, but now we park the car in our neighbour’s driveway. The Tooth may be old, but it is a great car.

Heres a pic of another “Tooth”

This isnt our car, just one pic i found.


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