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Ultimate Frisbee

   I am a member of my high school’s Ultimate Frisbee club. It is mostly carefree, but it gets intense around game time. Right now, there are about 16 solid members, and 7 go on the field at one time. This means that if you want to play in the game, you have to excel in practice, which i do most of the time. We have 2 captains, and they are like coaches, because they decide who goes on and off. Other teams have coaches, but i guess we are just special. There is a North Carolina Association for Ultimate Frisbee clubs in high schools. My school won the state-wide championship 3 years ago.

  You are probably wondering how to play Ultimate Frisbee. Well, first there are 2 teams, with 7 players on the field. The field is as big as a high school soccer field, and sometimes is. One team throws off(pulls) the frisbee to the other team, usually depending on who is home. The other team catches the frisbee and tries to gain as many yards as they can before the other team gets there. When they get to the frisbee, there are 3 different kinds of plays: man to man, stack, or zone. Man to man is exactly how it sounds,stack is when all players line up from the point of the player with the frisbee and to the end zone. When the play starts, People from the back cut to the end zone then back to the Handler(the player with the frisbee) and try to get it thrown to them and catch it, then repeats. Zone is the most complicated. There are 3 handlers, 2 wings, and 2 poppers on offence. On defence there is a cup with 3 people, who follow the person with the frisbee, 2 wing guards, a short-deep defender in the middle, and a deep-deep defender to stop long throws, like a safety. Zone is usually played on windy days.

The frisbee looks like this:



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  1. This is a nice, simple explanation of a wonderful game. The most wonderful part for me, and now for my wife who sometimes watches me play, is the ETHOS of it: self-regulated (by and large), simple, co-ed, and generally “open” to those who want to play it. I began playing when I was in grad school, in 1974, and although I don’t play competitively as much as I used to, I still love it.

    “To Air is Divine”

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