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My Job

   I had applied for a job at the local hardware store at the beginning of my summer break, around mid August. Just about three days ago, i received a call from the owner of the store stating that i had received the job. I was so excited because i wouldn’t have to ask for money from my parents and get negative answers!

   I will be working on weekends only until I turn 16 in March, and i would be able to work a couple days in the week. Not only could i work in the week, but i get my licence in March(after the 16th). Thats not my birthday, but when i got my permit almost a year ago. That means i could drive to my job im march.

   Also, my friend Ben just got a call confirming his job space and we are getting taught the basics of the job around the 20th this month. I already got my work permit from them and i am really excited.

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