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My Family

Im now going to talk about my many relatives. I have most of my relatives in Australia, but i have some here, in North Carolina. The ones on my dad’s side are in Australia, and my mom’s side is in North Carolina and Tennessee. This creates a problem for reunions, though. My family in America has only met a few of my relatives in Australia, just my grandparents have met my mom’s side in person. Me and my family go to Australia every 3 or 4 summers for a couple of months at a time to catch up with them. It is so long between visits because each roundtrip ticket costs about $3,000 dollars, depending on the currency exchange rate for each person, so we have to save up. My dad sometimes gets to go over there for work because he works in an international corporation. Not only do we have family, we also have a ton of friends in Australia. They are either godparents or just friends, and most of them live in Sydney, because my dad went there for university. Back to family here, i have most of my relatives in Durham and the triangle, but my mom’s sister’s family lives in Tennessee, and visit them every year for Thanksgiving or Christmas, along with all my other relatives here. I’m very excited right now, because my grandmother, aunt and cousin are coming over here for a week on friday! They can do this so easily because a round ticket now is $1,000 each Australian dollars, and that is extremely cheap.

P.S. this is one of those topics i can blab on about forever.


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