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Current Experience Wih Blogging

I have had NO prior blogging experience before now. I could only make a stance on it by other people, or just common knowledge. Most of it was just small jokes about it and how its for people who have no life and are very emotional. I figured that was wrong as soon i learned how to actually post a blog. Its more for normal people who want to let out pent up emotion or just their ideals when no one is around. Usually they have a fake name to protect their identity, or like me, with open identity and a grade for these. i would have to say I never would have started this if it wasn’t an assignment for a class. Yet now that i have started, it is kind of addictive, only if i know what to talk about. If it is a subject that feel strongly about, i will write forever about it. At first, this seemed drab and annoying but now its just a way to express your feelings. Now that ive probably dragged on long enough, ill end this.

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